Apr 25, 2011

We Will Remember Them

With their hair a little whiter,
 their step not quite so sure
Still they march on proudly,
 as they did the year before.
Theirs were the hands that saved us,
 their courage showed the way
Their lives they laid down for us, 
that we may live today.

From Gallipoli's rugged hillsides, 
to the sands of Alamein
On rolling seas and in the skies,
those memories will remain.
Of airmen and the sailors, 
of Lone Pine and Suvla Bay
The boys of the Dardenelles,
 are remembered on this day.

They fought their way through jungles,
 their blood soaked desert sands
They still remember comrades 
who rest in foreign lands.
They remember the siege of old Tobruk, 
the mud of the Kokoda Trail
Some paying the supreme sacrifice, 
with courage that did not fail.
To the icy land of Korea,
 the steamy jungles of Vietnam
And the heroic battle of Kapyong and 
that epic victory at Long Tan.

Fathers, sons and brothers, 
together they fought and died
That we may live in peace together, 
while at home their mothers cried.
When that final bugle calls them,
 to cross that great divide
Those comrades will be waiting,
 when they reach the other side.


saracollins2001 said...

such a beautiful and moving poem thanks for sharing it with us. Hugs Sara

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