Apr 20, 2011

Autumn leaves and apologies

A wee apology to my followers, for having such a slow blog presently, I know I shouldn't but I feel like a real blog slacker..  At the, risk of joining the bitch and moaners club I have not been that fighting fit since we got here to Victoria, and over the last several weeks, I have been having more trouble keeping up with daily stuff. Even a walk around the supermarket leaves my hip and spine in serve pain.  I have even struggled with my soap making. One would think with not doing as much as usual, I would have plenty of time to blog, but  it has been doing my head in and screwing with my happiness.
I was referred to a rheumatologist a month ago, but he has said that what ever is going on is not a re-occurrence of an old problem, but it seems besides some spinal degeneration, he thinks there is something wrong with my hip, a FIA/ laberal tear.. I have had an MRI last week, so now I  have yanked on my big girl pants and I'm just doing what I need to until next Thursday when I hope, all the eggs I have put in one basket, will magically make things better i.e cortisone into the hip and lower spine.. so will keep you posted, if you excuse the pun.Moving right along...

Now to some people, autumn colours are something they see every year, but for me it is the first year to be seeing them again after living in a very dry arid state, with nothing I can claim as winter.
The trees on my front lawn making a pretty, leafy carpet
The tree in my fairy garden.. same as the one out front but I have no idea what it is

Not exactly a Autumn colour, but he is more my constant companion then before.  From this chair, we can see the tree above and watch the leaves falling.. very peaceful. Parker aka Mister P, rarely sits on my lap now - which is odd he always slept there.  Now he hops up and straight off goes and sits on the arm of my chair and waits for me, or will sit there instead of my lap, makes knitting a bit hard but we manage. I wonder if he knows something isn't right at the moment.

He really is such a sookie boy.. holding on to Derek's hand, while giving it a jolly good clean..lol


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