Mar 30, 2011

Butterfly Effect

There had been a power cut during the night, the clock was flashing red blips.. it was 5.20am, I thought it a tad odd to have a power cut with no storm or heavy rain.  It was a dark and dreary morning when I let the dog out, 4 hours later as I look out the window beside me, I can see the sun trying to peak through a grey sky. The rays are hitting the water droplets on the fallen leaves on the lawn.. the wind is rustling the leaves in the gum tree in the front yard, I can hear volleys of shots coming from the rifle range on the Navy Base where I live. A solitary helicopter can be heard off in the distance yet I can still hear the crow who visits me here everyday, he didn't stay long this morning, he didn't try to look in my kitchen window or be his usual bossy self... perhaps he senses what the rest of us are feeling.
The flags are flying half mast here today, hearts are heavy with disbelief and sadness. When something happens within this "Base family" we all feel the effects from it, and I am no different.
Our base here is the major training facility, and last night 5 of our recruits were involved in a horrific car accident less than 5 minutes from the base. So close to home.. they were so close to being back on board,       safe.. Three of these boys have been placed in, induced comas and are in very critical condition the other 2 were fatally injured.
I sit here wondering how my husband is feeling, as he often deals with these young recruits from the EF, All these boys were from the same class, a class of ten - while the remaining five class mates are being well supported, I can not but help to wonder how this will impact on the rest of their lives and careers.
The butterfly effect of this accident is immense, and I can do no more than burn a candle for the families of these men, whose lives and careers have changed forever. May they find some comfort in the days and weeks to come. There are days when I wish I was not an empath, today is one of them.
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Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

That's so sad :(

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a beautiful post

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