Mar 14, 2011

6.30 News

How insignificant does it really make us? when we, the human race presume to act as if we know or can do it all.  Medically, genetically, industrially, scientifically whateverlly - we put men on the moon? why just because we can... we mess with dna, why? because we can, we mess with nuclear energy and physics with enough power to destroy us, why? because we can, we bore holes into the earth, carve out super mines, dam up waterways, change the natural flow of nature and then like something out of a Hollywood movie special effects studio, the earth groans under the weight of it all, and the house of cards we built all falls down.
I am not saying ANY country is being punished for these actions, what I am saying is how small we are in the scheme of things, how powerless we really are against things.
Skyhooks really got it right, when they sang, it is a horror movie, the 6.30 news. A real story of horror!
As I watched the Tsunami the other night it could have been taken as something that didn't really look real, again because I think we as a race have been desensitized by television and movies, kids think the dead guys always get up and bad things are really not that bad because there is always a winner at the end of the show... well the news isn't make believe and how the hell do we as a race help find the winners at the end of the show... one thing that this has reinforced for me is - we may all look different, our skin maybe a different colour and we may not speak the same language, but we all sound the same when we scream, feel terror and loss the same gut wrenching way -  and our tears all taste the same when we cry for you in Japan and Christchurch.
No matter what your spiritual belief, I hope that you will put your faith with mine, in asking/praying to the Deities for relief and comfort to those suffering the horrors still unfolding in Japan, and those still coming to terms with their loss in Christchurch also.


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