Mar 10, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I missssss my blog.. but I have been busy as busy can be. I am working hard at getting a small business going, and that is taking a lot of time at the moment. Having moments where I want to go stoppppp!!!! I want to go bake cookies and make bread and do all them other things, I do know though things will balance out once I am into a routine with my home also being my work place now.. lots of laughter and hair pulling moments.. today was one of them...
Ever have one of these days where stuff just goes pear shaped? I had my first ever really REALLY seized soap, and a recipe I use all the time, only thing I can put it down to is the brand of olive oil... I mashed
and squished it and got the mess into the mold.. what seemed like an eternity to clean the stick blender.. next batch fine... ha-ha luck didn't last.. made a batch scented it up with Coconut.. decided it didn't smell like
anything because of scent overload... made what was a very cool swirl  then off it went to incubate.. clean up time.. duh me.. didn't smell like coconut cause it was grapefruit! I had hauled the wrong bottle off the shelf..
Top of a day filled with gremlins, I burnt lunch - interesting flavour to the omelette, I am glad they say charcoal is good for the digestion. The post came shortly after delivering 250 business cards. I was so excited until I seen one wrong digit in the phone number...  whose fault was that, mine.. bang head on desk..  hey it is another day tomorrow and the start of a long weekend. :-)


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