Nov 11, 2009

Cabin Fever

I have cabin fever today.. but oddly I do not feel like I want to stray away from my nest. Apart from dinner this evening, most every thing that needs doing is done - I have even made yogurt and it is doing the happy fermenting thing in a small esky. To alleviate some of the cooped up feeling, I decided to eat lunch outdoors, so here I sit with a tuna sandwich and some home made ginger beer and the laptop.. laptops with wireless connections are a luxurious blessing, one I am pleased to have.

Sitting here today, I could almost forget that I am a Pagan in the burbs. I can hear the gentle bubble and tinkle from the wee water feature and wind chimes beside me, my little finches are making cheery beep beep noises as they construct their nests in the small aviary behind me, the two budgies Archer and Merlot are sharing whispered secrets as they take turns ringing a small bell, almost like clearing the air.
A Willy Wagtail is chittering off in the distance and I can imagine that wonderful little tail flicking ritual they do even when standing still. Sacred Temple Cat is chasing a white butterfly through the shrubs by the fence while Mister P is sun bathing on the pavers, a gentle sea breeze blowing off the Indian Ocean is stirring the white strands of fur on his ears. There is the wonderful smell of warm, freshly watered earth mixed with the heady fragrance of Jasmine and now rosemary as the cat brushes through it.
All of my Goddess given senses are being touched by the blessings of the elements of Nature.. Fire, Earth, Water, Air it is something that if one is not careful, you can loose sight of when living in a city or the suburbs... I read something this morning that came from a post on a group I belong to.. basically it said that if we do not put time aside each day for our spiritual walk, then our mundane lives will take it away from you. I'm not sure I fully grasp the theory of us all being "tested" by the universe to see if we really want to walk our chosen path, but I do believe that which we don't use we loose. Lately, I have been rather insular and not in a good way, so I am glad I could take a minute to come out here and feel the Goddess about me... the warmth of the day on my skin, Earth beneath my feet, water on my lips, the wind on my face and love in my heart.


Nettles said...

'Tis a good thing to have a laptop and wireless connection non? Ideal for an online witchypoo - fingers on the keyboard, bare toes in the grass.

It is a challenge to follow this path in the city at times. Well, it is for me personally who is used to green, rolling hills and space and takes a lot less effort to connect with the land, feel the sacredness of everyday, and hold on to an awareness of that still flame within.

But there is beauty if we look for it - as your post shows. What a lovely reverie you've shared here. A moment of peace, magic and beauty.

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