Jan 21, 2010

Down Time

I don't want to do the math, to work out how many weeks it has been since I posted.. roughly 8 or so weeks. Thank you to those dedicated blog followers who have stuck around and taken the time to drop me a message.

Leading up to Christmas/Solstice I was very busy, preparing for the celebration, getting the house in order for added family members arriving and organising the uplift and international shipping of my sons belongings here to Australia. His things are still in a shipping container on a wharf somewhere - but thankfully he made it here in one piece arriving on 5th December.. I live in hope that the shipping company will come to the party soon, as I was told it was due to be shipped weeks ago.. My son is happily taking a break from his role as a Prison Officer and has settled into a new job fitting tyres, he was blessed to find one very quickly, and about 10 minutes from here, a bonus as we are juggling two vehicles between three drivers, not that I have been capable of late! The new year has also bought challenges.. a big step for Robert and Courtney was them getting through and handling their first Christmas without their Mum.. they had their moments but I was hugely proud of them, the next major milestone for us all was the first anniversary of her passing back in January last year, it hardly seems like yesterday. They have both come so far in that time, and are doing wonderfully well at school.

In the midst of all of this, I developed acute sinusitis which became an infection in my left maxillary cheek bone.. I personally think it was a recurrence of the one back in early November but to add insult to injury my always normal blood pressure is now hovering in the high zone... After more than a month of treatment I am very slowly starting to feel better, I can not recall the last time I spent so much time horizontal.. and for one who abhors being sick and is a lousy patient, my demeanour was not always charming..ha ha so I have been told.

The new school term starts here Feb 1st and as nice as it is to have them around, I am looking froward to the children heading back to school.. with my husband back on board after a months leave, it will be nice to have some time to re-coop get my house back in order and start to look at doing those things that have had to go by the wayside over the last wee while..
I looked at a big box of bottles this morning thinking how wonderful they would look full of homemade tomato sauce and sweet pickles.. one day at a time.. hey they could use that as a song title *laughing*
Bright blessings to you all and I look forward to catching up on all your blogs..


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