Nov 3, 2009

T'is the season

I have sat a couple of times to write a few lines in my blog here, but when I opened it up... big juicy blank'o. Some of this feeling, is that icky wishy washy feeling that creeps into me poor wee head when pollen is a foot. Poor Miss C is suffering as well... trying to find alternative treatments for Hay fever has been a challenge, so much so that we have reverted back to paying a visit to the chemist shop. I so do not like snorting chemicals, but this spring has been worse than any I have suffered in the last 5 years.
I had thought it was something I had been doing, a change in washing powder ( no I'm not quiet at the stage of making my own yet) was it the fact I turned the air con on the other day when it reached 39c here and the kids were both melting..... but noooooooooo and I have to admit I was pleased to find it wasn't me, but the reason was the season, apparently according to the news, yes it was news worthy, it is the worst pollen season in a very long time. More so when the wind is blowing in from the East, across desert plains, bringing with it invisible sneeze makers.
It is a wild flower season here in Western Australia, and they be full of pollen......they are gorgeous and tough managing to survive where little else does...believe it or not people join tours from all around the worldd to come and see the wonder of the WA wild flowers... they are a State treasure and it is a serious no no picking them either.I first encountered Western Australian wild flowers, on our drive last October from the East Coast to Western Oz, on the third day of driving we hit Coolgardie/Yellowdine which happens to be in some pretty arid no whereness but I digress... out of this desert no whereness, bloomed amazing expanses of the prettiest, flowers... I have found a couple of piccies on the web, to show you the wonder of a land that is hot, dry and beautiful.. even if it does contribute to Miss C and I having sneezy wheezy bonding time. Some relief is sort from this blizard of pollen whent he wind chances and the 'Freeo Doctor' blows in off the Indian Ocean.. *smiling* and this Doctor is the best medicine.
Image Source: These photos are off the web, credit would be given if I knew the photographer, I do not claim copy right to these.


Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

What is strange about this continent and Africa, We have wild flowers growing on the West Coast of South Africa. There are tours you can go on too. My friend Rosie and Dawn just did it. They had a great time ...

Lilas Conuts said...

Hello from Nouméa
I love wild flowers thanks for sharing

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