Dec 1, 2008

Dawn the Camera and me

Well as promised I have spent a few minutes organising and resizing a few photos that I shot on the trip from the East coast of Australia to where we are now on the West roughly 3450km away. Surprising as it may seem to some, Australia is actually the size of the American Continent but with about the population of greater LA . Most of the bigger cities and population is over on the East Coast. Here on the West Coast Perth the largest city and the surrounding areas have about 1.5 million not that this has anything to do with photos. Perhaps it was explaining the travel time from East to West..

The usual three days we spread to four, mainly for R & R reasons, well actually I wanted to stop at this little German tourist town called Handorf.. Welllllllllllllllll we stopped for a night, thank the Goddess it was just a night, we pulled in about 4pm, tired and weary after a full days driving, to find Handorf closes at 5pm even on a Friday night, We did manage to find a German pub for a few rather pleasant ales and a traditional German meal.. My mother would have been proud that I tossed up my comfort zone chicken Parma meal for the traditional fare of my youth. German Rouladen .. oh divine- tender beef wrapped around bacon, dill pickles and poached in a dark German stout, served with a generous helping of sauerkraut and boiled baby potatoes. It was the best thing about the visit.. getting back to the motel about 9pm we were then to find bed was broken, so after phoning reception and debating about fixing it with a screw driver, we where issued with a new room! .. bliss I thought, as I filled up the newly acquired spa bath only to find on closer inspection it was filthy dirty.. by this stage I was so over it, I showered, climbed into bed and took a call from my precious daughter.. who said on parting "Mum, I hoped they changed the bed linen".. Bless her.

The trip did get better. Two days later at 5am seen us leaving Midura Pass, an outback roadhouse, where I might add we had an amazing evening with the locals (four of them) and the new owners two weeks into there new life here from Zimbabwe .. I digress.. again.. it was pitch black and after endlessly straining my eyes for Kangaroos, I glanced in the car side mirror to see a miracle un folding... When I got out of the car to take these, my heart was pounding, I felt such an incredible sense of awe and wonder as this beautiful sight, there was a cold soft rain falling and an unseasonmally cool desert wind but it mattered not, the photos do not do this sunrise justice, but I thank the the Goddess for such beauty.
I have kept the photos in sequence...


hippymummy said...

Simply stunning, thankyou xXx

Marcheline said...

Whoa! Makes me want to start singing, "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he...."

Cool pics!


cynthiablue said...

Those are gorgeous pictures! Sounds like it was a fun trip!

Wendý said...

It's funny you mention that song .. when I first visited this country before migrating here.. the minute the planes wheels hit the tarmac, that song started up in my head.. gotta love John Willimason.. bull nosed verandahs and gum trees...

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