Nov 30, 2008

Sun, Wind and Soil

Well, I have just climbed out of a steamy herbal bath, pulled on my PJ's and made a hot chocolate, a perfect way to end a wonderful if not very busy day. We have whats called the Freemantle Doctor here, a breeze starting around early to mid afternoon blowing in off the Indian Ocean, it is cooling to the skin so people like me who are not used to it, forget that the suns still shining... and end up a tad scorched.. however sun scorched or not today has been truly lovely, it has been one of the more settled and homely days I have had since moving in here 2 weeks ago.

The day dawned bright and clear, with a wonderful blue sky and not a cloud in view. We decided to head off early to a car boot sale, a suitable substitute for the craft markets I am used to back East, however one mans trash is still another mans treasure and a bargain was to be found in the way of plants... I love nothing more than looking for, looking at and bringing home all measure of greenery from stalls an markets and bring home I did.

Our new house has a "new house landscaped garden" don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for the garden and I do enjoy the plants here but they are put in for very practical reasons and often not planted for longevity.. such are the gardens in Navy houses.... so I have often found the best way to make a practical garden is with containers.. This is what I spent most of today doing.. as well as turning over a patch of ground for some vegetables, the soil is pretty sandy being this close to the coast but it is now home to Roma tomatoes, two types of lettuce, Silver Beet (you might know that as Swiss Chard) Zucchinis and Dwarf beans.. In large pots I have put up Rosemary, Mint, Parsley, Thyme and Coriander as well as several Lavenders and Rose Geraniums. Tomorrow I still have to pot red Petunias and white Periwinkles which are perfect for the hot drought conditions we can get here.

I am actually looking forward to tomorrow, my Dh is heading back to work after a months long service leave ( Nooooo that's not what I am looking forward too) so I have plans to *cleanse* the house, soak the fruit for the Christmas cake and fruit mince tarts and maybe make a few batches of shortbread - and work on posting some photos in here.. I have some awesome shots of the Sun rising over the Nulabor.. Blessings


Melanie said...

Your bath and hot chocolate sound perfect, just what I need.

hippymummy said...

Herby bath and hot chocolate, Mmm.....sounds lovely. I can safely say that there was NO danger of anyone here getting roasted today even though the sun was shining and the sky was clear, not a cloud to be seen, as it's almost mid winter here and was a chilly -6 degrees this morning!!! Brrr..... Fancy sending any of that warmth my way? Lol! It's defnately the time of the crone, staying in, reading and contemplating the year in front of a roaring fire is by far the most inviting option. Hot stews and lovely homebaked bread, comfort food on these most chilling of days.
Your garden sounds lovely too, good luck with your plans tomorrow, Brightest Blessings to you and yours,
Sarah aka hippymummy xXx

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