Dec 22, 2008

A work of art

Wow, things have moved up a gear being this close to *Christmas* Yesterday was Summer Solstice for us down here, and I felt so blessed to have been able to take some time to go and give thanks for all that it meant to me.. before rushing off to pick my daughter up from the airport.
So the house has been so busy, I have felt some guilt at not following my normal daily devotion time. However today while checking my email, I found this wonderful wee snippet and I thought to pass it on to you all. As I am entering my Crone years, admittedly at times - with a bit of a struggle, I found this piece of writing to be very truthful and touching.. I hope each of you have had a Blessed Solstice no matter which hemishpere you dwell, and that your holiday season is a safe one.

Sister Mary Gemma Brunke has so beautifully written:
"It is the old apple trees that are decked with the loveliest blossoms. It is the ancient redwoods that rise to majestic heights. It is the old violins that produce the richest tones. It is the aged wine that tastes the sweetest. It is ancient coins, stamps and furniture that people seek. It is the old friends that are loved the best. Thank God for the blessings of age and the wisdom, patience and maturity that go with it. Old is wonderful!"
"Beautiful people are acts of nature," it has been said, "but beautiful old people are works of art."

I hope someday to be a work of art..


hippymummy said...

What wonderful words. would you mind if i borrowed them? I too am approaching crone at an alarming rate, these words will help me and many friends on this journey to the age of wisdom xXx

Marcheline said...

I used to work in an ophthalmic practise, and my favorite part about that was spending time with the senior citizens who came for their post-cataract appointments.

There was one lady who used to be a chorus girl, and a man who was the sole survivor of a Naval ship that went down in Europe during war. One dapper gent was a ballroom dance instructor!

Every one of them had stories - some sad, some exciting. I think older folks are overlooked in our society. If we just take the time to talk to them, there is such a wealth of knowledge and experience there... someone that looks like a little old lady at the grocery store could really be a skydiver inside!

We only change on the outside. Inside, we're still us.

- M

Wendý said...

Please feel free to borrow the words.. today after an almost unbelievable "incident" I feel like I have aged a great deal - not in years but in my ability to handle adversity with a certain amount of dignity.. so if it helps a sister in her journey then it was certainly worth posting in my blog..

Eileen said...

Hippymummy suggested that I check out your blog....what a sad, wonderful mixed up time you have had lately.....I sense, as hippymummy so eloquently wrote....this is your destiny to raise these young children of your dear husband's......I can relate to the poem of old things in your post of this day....old is special to me...old trees, old buildings and the dear elderly people that I know. I work with teens with intellectual disabilities and I know in my heart if I didn't, my calling would be to work with the elderly...and perhaps it still will be when I retire from teaching...take care of yourself...I'll be back to visit your blog again!XXXX

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