Dec 5, 2008

Litha - Yule and Christmas

While many of you celebrate Yule, we south of the Equator will be celebrating Summer Solstice - forget about Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping on your nose -down here it is steak on the barbecue and sand between your toes.. While I will be celebrating Summer Solstice on the 22nd, I still have non Pagan family who enjoy traditional Christmas, so I do both. I have an altar dedicated to Litha in the family room and in the lounge room the families’ tree will be up ( no it's not there yet lol)
I am so not prepared this year, nothing much is organised which is so very unlike me.. I have made the Christmas cake and am now totally second guessing myself, as I decided for reasons beyond me to stare away from my tried and true, been using it forever recipe for a new low cholesteral one.. I can feel another baking sessions coming on .. I am planning on doing a bit of work on my other blog The Witches Kitchen over the next few days and tossing in a few Christmas recipes including my best ever - fruit, egg, butter, brandy, girth expanding tried and true Christmas cake!


hippymummy said...

Lucky you, barbies and sandy toes - a distant memory for us over here in the northern hemisphere shivering our socks off! Lol! We do both Yule and xmas, my little pagans are quite mercenary, we have Yule AND my sons birthday on the 21st so that's a big day for us, chocolate log cake has been on order now for a few weeks - no J, i won't forget! - but as my family are christian (or not) we do xmas day with them too. Clever eh?!!! Don't worry about being unprepared, (my middle nameshould be 'last minute rush!)it always works out in the end. Have fun and it'll be ok xXx

Raven Odinsdottir said...

Greetings Wendy from Sydney. I too am doing a "dual" celebration of Litha and the "mundane" xmas. I will have to go check out your other blog. I found you via Blogging Between The Worlds :)

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