Nov 18, 2008

A place to call home.

I am back - if not feeling a tad like a train wreck presently.. What an emotional journey with a huge learning curve for me it has been - a long whirlwind 3 weeks, looking back almost surreal at times. This shift was almost harder for me, than when I immigrated to this country.. in all honesty I am not sure why I did this so hard.. However we are so close to being finally settled .. In the last 7 days we finally found a brand new house, Thank the Goddess, this house is a beautiful Blessing.. specially after the phone call 3 weeks ago saying the house we originally chose had a serious electrical fault and we couldn't have it, we were 7 hours into a 4 day drive across the country when that call came, I was so gutted.. we were *homeless so to speak* but I have found that with letting go comes some acceptance and blessings.. Getting used to living in suburbs will be a definite different, I do miss the huge Blue Gums, the birds and the bush however I stumbled upon a Pagan store within days off being here, and was welcomed by three beautiful witches.. I hope to get to know them better and get more involved in the pagan community here...
Our new home is in a place called Secret Harbour - it has a garden, a couple of trees that will be beautiful when they have grown some.. the house has far more room then I can possibly think to use.. and the kitchen well it is almost the size of the whole house we had back East.. it is also a very peaceful house, unlike the one we left... There is a wonderful area in the house that beckoned me to it within minutes and will become my sacred space and I can't wait to really make it my own..
We moved in last Friday and have almost got it almost ship shape - the Internet finally got connected this afternoon.... A car transporter arrived last night and dropped off the Land Rover which pleased my wee dog no end, he loves the Landy and he himself has been so unsettled, taken from the only home he knew, flown across and then was then kenneled for 10 days.. so I have been trying to take him most places with me... tomorrow is another busy day, but after that apart from job hunting things should start to feel more balanced.. It is my hope this post hasn't been to hard to follow, I appreciate tiredness has made me a little less able to string coherent sentences together... Over the next week I will post one or two of my favourite photos from the drive across this huge Continent as well as a few of our new house...
Bright Blessings to you all


hippymummy said...

Happy New Home xXx

Crafty Witch said...

You have been tagged :o). For further details see my entry from Friday the 21. of November.
Have a nice weekend
Crafty Witch

Marcheline said...

Merry Meet!

I found your blog through a link on Crafty Witch's blog, and thought I'd stop in and have a look 'round.

I'm also a Pagan of the solitary and non-Wiccan variety. 8-) My blog isn't Pagan-centered, but there are indications for those with eyes to see... I basically just vent and laugh and rant on mine.

Feel free to drop by and take a gander. Glad to hear you got a house! I know how important having your own "hearth" is for your spiritual well-being...


Raven Odinsdottir said...

Greetings from Sydney :)

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