Sep 22, 2008

Good Bye Winter

Our lives turn as the earth turns.. We tend to mark the changes in our personal lives with the flow of the seasons. The wonderful cold solitude of winter that then gives way to the birth of the first buds of spring, and on to the sun filled days of summer, before the final harvest and wonderful colours of autumn. For my friends in the Northern Hemisphere it excites me to know that you are feeling the fingers of Autumn, the quietness and rest it will soon bring, The Crone .... Where I am in the Southern Hemisphere we are celebrating Oestra, yes spring is here - as is the new beginnings she brings.. the bee's I heard for the first time this season, as they swarmed in the blossoms of the plum tree, the Daffodil bulbs that I have been watching have finally this week opened dazzling us all with the yellow of creamy butter.... and for the new beginnings in my own life.. and in a funny little way I am sad because of it - The Goddess knows I am ready for this change in my life, she has been grooming me for this, in the quietness I have felt this winter, and I know in my heart it will all be fine, but there are still tiny fingers of fear.. Fear of the unknown, the acronym of fear.. False Evidence Appearing Real.. it is slightly ironic how the cycle of the rebirth of the land coincides with a huge personal change happening in my life over the next several weeks..I want to hang onto the winter in my heart, to the Crone.. to all that I am learning.. however it is time to put some of my new spiritual growth into practice.. How do I know it is all so right? After the days were arranged to move, I checked the lunar calender, even if this witch put the cart before the horse!.... Our house is packed up on the day of the new moon, the removals come and take our stuff to our new home 3.000km away on the first day of the waxing moon.. we leave to follow on the second day.. as the moon grows so to does our new future get closer.. There are busy days ahead..Blessed Be..


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