Sep 25, 2008

Finding the Divine

During the course of my life, I have never really been to far away from those people who walked the path of the Ancient Ones, although for the most I never fully realised it. My best friend back in New Zealand, my mothers family, who due to geographical distance I never met, but they to had practised the Craft, perhaps this is the reason why I to have finally chosen this path - the Teutonic blood of my ancestors running through my veins..
While I was drawn to this path, I was also apprehensive at first as much of the information I found was quiet seriously influenced by Gardnerian Wicca I did not feel comfortable with some of it, and in some way it did not feel right to me, also because of my previous religious leaning's. Really I had no choice but to keep looking for different ideas and approaches to things through books and numerous websites.
It is a life choice. I didn't one morning wake up and go.. "Oh today I think I will be a Witch" it is an on going lesson of life - not all hocus-pocus and abracadabra as so many people misguidedly think.
For me being a Witch is not just about casting spells and 'doing' Magick, it is a very personal journey about finding the Divine within me and with out. It took a long time to learn this lesson, for without having a relationship with the Goddess, my Craft would be empty.
I used to think that anything Divine was something found in a Patriarchal church.. something or someone I could not touch, whose rules had to be obeyed.. I was so excited when I finally started to get it.. that the Divine was everything, was everywhere, was in everything, within me even. I could go on for ages about this, but my train of thought has come back full circle (no pun intended) to the reason I wanted to post on this topic..
About a week ago, a friend and fellow tagger/stationary maker, made me a wonderful present. It was a beautiful tag with a quote on it by Frank Lloyd Wright it said simply "She put the N in nature and called it her Church" this simple quote so moved me - as did the gesture of the tag.. when I asked her about it, she said that quote Was you, Is you. You see Nature is my Divine, is my "church" Nearly every morning I get up and I go outdoors.. I thank and welcome the Spirits and Guardians of the East, North, West and South into my day. I take in several deep breaths of the fresh morning air. Every sense of my beinging tingles as I breath in the Divine and exhale the Sacred.. This to me - is Magick.


mrsb said...

I love this post! I've said it myself - I'm in church every time I walk out side. The ground, the sky, the sun, the rain - those are the only four "walls" I need to worship in.

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