Sep 16, 2011

On My Mind - Freedom of Entry

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 On My Mind - Freedom of Entry

On My Mind today is the pride I have in my husband for his service to this country and the Royal Australian Navy. It is a centenary year for the RAN and HMAS Cerberus celebrates 90 years of service. Today, 1500 men and woman of the training establishment, HMAS Cerberus march for Freedom of Entry to the city of Melbourne. An age old ceremony that has only happened here in Melbourne, 3 times in 90 years. They will march the Queens colors, a ceremonial honour.
 A small section on Freedom of Entry Sailors ahoy! It’s been 100 years


Sue xx said...

How wonderful to be part of that! Well done too to your loving DH!

Hope you all have a great weekend

On my mind? A vintage tea set!

Rose said...

That is such a great photo!

nellymary said...

Hi Wendy, what a fantastic husband you have. What a wonderful day for you all.

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