Sep 1, 2011

Finding the Divine

Things have been hectic here this month. With Fathers Day and Christmas coming, my soap production has been on the increase, my husband has also had 10 days leave from the Navy, so everything is put on the back burner, so we can spend some good quality time together.  Because of this my second article on Pagan Pages has been partly borrowed from a post I made here a few years ago.. however it is still relevant in my life today.. if your like minded or would just like to pop over for a read, here is the link Pagan Pages - Hearth and Home

I have been taking all sorts of photos though, so over the next week, I will play catch up and post some piccies..


Dragon (Karen) said...

Your write beautifully and with so much heartfelt meaning!

I can definitely relate to this piece, as my journey was one of searching for a place for my 'Pagan' feelings to fit. Being solitary, has been great for me, although I have linked with groups on and off all my life and still occassionaly join in 'full moon' rituals, as sometimes I enjoy a group growling with the moon.

This is the first time I've read that quote by Frank Lloyd Wright, and I love it. Thanks!

Brightest blessings!

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