Aug 12, 2011

On My Mind - Feeling Connected

Today I am taking part in On My Mind over at Down to Earth, Please join in by following the link.

On My Mind....

We had a beautiful taste of spring here last week; the weather was unseasonably warm and the sun, while still low in the sky, shone.Seeing this photo this morning reminded me, how much pleasure I get from washing up at this sink. A few of my favourite things line the window ledge and I have a wonderful view into a wee garden where lilies and lavender grow.  The sun on the leaves of the gum tree sparkled like jewels and I feel refreshed by the breeze that comes through the window. I can look over the golf course which looks more like a huge park filled with gums and pines. So even on those days when my health is not doing my day justice, I still feel connected to my home and nature while working at my kitchen sink.


Rose said...

Nice outlook Wendy, and I do like your window sill.

Sue xx said...

Look at all your wee treasures must truly feel at home.
Have a great weekend, Dear Friend,

Sue xxx

Denise said...

I love big window sills like your's, with room for plants and maybe a few trinkets.
Reading your post I felt like I was standing there at the sink looking out of the window, seeing everything you described. Loved it!
Hope you have a great weekend.

Popping over from Down To Earth

Deb said...

Love ya chicken legs! Hope you have a good weekend.

Cheers, Deb

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful place to work. I wouldn't mind doing the dishes there either. I have to looks at a wall ; )
I love the things you have standing there. The little witches are great too. The butterflies on the window look very beautiful.
Have a magical day.

nellymary said...

how wonderfully descriptive Wendy....I feel like I could be standing there with you....all I get to see is my car under the carport and the neighbours fence...

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