Apr 16, 2009

Technical glitch n stuff

It has been a busy week, with Sarah arriving from Melbourne, the kids on school holidays and in the midst of this... our faithful computer whirred to a whinney end! We have managed a temporary Internet connection on an old computer that found it's way here from the kids old house... It's pretty clapped out and molasses in winter time runs faster, but at least it has let me connect to this even for a few minutes.
We have an IT repairman coming later this afternoon sooooooooooo all things being equal, he may be able to fix it, we are leaning towards the CPU having passed onto the great Technograve. I am a bit of a stickler for backing up things, so most of what I hoard is on two external drives... fingers crossed we will all be running to plan very shortly... Bright Blessings


Kai said...

I do hate when computers haywire. I found your blog through a topsite and I must say I'm enjoying it! Keep writing!!

docwitch said...

oh, I do empathise. My 'puter (or rather, my internet connection) is driving me spare at the moment.

All the best with getting it fixed. I'm sure there has to be a spell somewhere...

hippymummy said...

I just popped by to say Hi and find myself hoping that your absence is due to spending lots of quality time with Sarah rather than the demise of your trusty computer? I look forward to catching up with you soon xXx

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