Apr 6, 2009

The Athiest, the Christian and the Witch

I have been quiet busy today.. My 27 yr old daughter is arriving from Melbourne tomorrow night, to spend a couple of weeks with us, I have so been looking forward to it.. it will be nice. I haven't seen her since before C and R came to live with us.. She gets on well with both the children who she has meet on a couple of occasions, but it is a little different for her knowing that I am now full time care giver and step mum to them, especially under the circumstances. She is a very protective daughter, Bless her and she worries how I am coping and if I am doing to much. While not a mother herself she understands full time parenting again, 10 years after her and her brother left home is not an easy task, especially when the children have unresolved issues and grief over loosing their own mum. However I am sure all will be good..
Today I have been doing those things Mothers do before their children come home for a visit, that little bit of extra cleaning - making sure there room is homely and welcoming, not to mention baking some of those treats that they don't have away from home. While my daughter doesn't share my Pagan way of life, she does respect it, and I her Christian beliefs, so I will also make her, Miss C and Master R, fresh Easter Buns.. I must admit to being a little bit partial to the spicy wee buns myself.. It's kind of amusing at times having a Atheist, a Pagan Witch and a born again Christian all under the one roof.. it reminds me of a little but very true story and it goes like this:
The morning was ANZAC day, a little like Remembrance Day in the US.. We always attend the Dawn Parade, outdoor memorial service and traditional Navy Gunfire breakfast with the old diggers (elderly retired Servicemen) this particular year, my then 25 year old Christian daughter was home for the weekend and came with us.. Well she had never seen inside the Navy bases two churches lovely historic buildings, thankfully empty! We took her in, heck I hadn't been in a church for 20 years, nor had Derek my atheist partner except for a recent funeral.. On leaving, Sarah pointed out she wasn't fond of the statues that belonged to the Denomination of the church we were in ... At this point Derek is trying to open the door that had jammed solid... I was trying so hard to contain my mirth, Sarah's next comment was "Great now we are going to get struck by a lightening bolt, thanks ever so much Mum".. By the time the door unstuck I am almost wetting myself laughing so hard, at the irony of a Christian, an atheist and a Pagan Witch being stuck in a Church.. I said it then and I will say it again, I think this is how those weird jokes start..


docwitch said...

yum! Hot cross buns! I must admit to being a witchy-poo who is very fond of those wee spicy buns. You're clever to be making your own. I'd love to try that out.

It sounds as though you have a lot of responsibility on your plate right now, so I wish you all the best with it all, as well the children.

I had a chuckle at your story about the church.

The Awakened Heart said...

Hot cross buns. Can I come? Remember that your faith can be very helpful when it comes to dealing with life in general, let alone the very full plate (of kids) that you have right now. (So it IS true - witches do eat children! Heh!). Find time to breathe deeply and know that you were chosen for some extra mothering because you have some extra love to give. Well done you.

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