Oct 11, 2011

It Flashed "HELP"

Hauling my sorry butt through the second week of another sinus infection, I thought the easiest meal would be pizza's - a few toppings on top of pita bread.. yes store bought *sigh*
Tom paste, basil, some mushrooms, capsicum and a bit of mozzarella and into the oven it went - it smelt reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hot, so I stayed to watch, came out looking awesome, and tasted as good as pizza can when your head feels like a busted hockey puck..
During the dishes there was an awful lot of giggling, went to check the feral's who were watching the oven.. and it was flashing "help help help help help" gee's the pizza wasn't that bad... we wiggled some switches and it settled back down... but it really did need help.. it hasn't worked since.. I may never make pizza again..
Well, maybe when the new oven arrives ;-)


Rose said...

Did you unplug it at the wall Wendy? Leave the power out for ten seconds.

WendyB said...

Oh we did everything Rose.. we have had the Electricians in and we are waiting for a new wall oven, which I am looking forward to using.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

I cleaned the inside of the oven door today, I'd forgotten the glass was clear! ;D

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