Jul 11, 2011

Playing catch up

I'm playing catch up here.. with the kids on holidays this past week, my time seems to have been sucked into some sort of teenage vortex.. We went shopping on Saturday.. I really don't like shopping, but we went and bought a new camera..something I need for my online store.. and it was a red hot bargin, we got all the bells and whistle for half price.. makes sense to practice with it.. so I took some photos of some muffins Miss C and I made, they started out as Lemon Poppy seed, but morphed into something else totally due to the lack of plain yoghut - so they became Lemon, Berry, poppy seed Kefir muffins..the batter was sooooooooooo nice, they near didn't make it to the pan..

I rest my case on the batter tasting good.. I had to wrestle the bowl of her to wash it

I also took photos of lunch in the making.. there was a very good reason for this choice of meal but you will see later.. We made Minestrone soup. Frying some onions....

Peeling the vegetables is Miss C,
I chopped carrots, potatoes,  celery, leeks,  cabbage and  beans and then added beef stock and  a can of tomatoes and
this... the reason for the soup..
 another can closer to making something that's going on over at Just Like My Nan Made


nellymary said...

OMG, just shoot me now...I clicked to enlarge the photo..and what did I read....The Brand! cheers..I will look for this next time I go to WW's.

Lisa said...

I love using kefir in my muffin batter, makes them lovely and fluffy. That soup look delish, it reminds me I've not made minestrone this winter yet.

Christine said...

Crisp, sharp pics Wendy..can I be nosey and ask what kind of camera you came home with?

WendyB said...

Christine, I was almost sold on a new model of the same camera, but this one slightly older came with some features I really liked. It is a Nikon Coolpix P90 here is a bit of a blurb about it http://www.photoreview.com.au/Nikon/reviews/advanced/nikon-coolpix-p90.aspx
Im still learning to drive it.

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